Saturday, October 25, 2014

Let's Talk Graduation - Yes, ALREADY!!!

My firstborn is approaching her high school graduation.  Before school even started she was discussing some of her plans and ideas and I was listening and nodding in agreement where I thought was appropriate, adding a hmmm? when I wasn't too sure, but mostly just listening.  Finally, she was fed up with me and demanded to know why I wasn't interested and didn't even care that she was about to graduate from high school.  I calmly explained to her that my dear daughter, it is not that I do not care, I am trying desperately to not think about the fact that pretty soon, my sweet little baby girl will be done with yet another phase of her life and the fact that time is going by so quickly that I am dizzy just thinking about it.

You see, as she was sitting there talking about all her plans, all I could see was this sweet little two year old singing her ABC's to me as I braided her hair.  A little six year old big sister so generously sharing her beloved Eegee's with her baby brother.  A scared little ten year old getting stitches after a crash on her bike.  A sad little thirteen year old saying goodbye to her Arizona friends as we left on our grand adventure and moved to Michigan.  A confident fifteen year old as she dedicated her life to Jehovah.  A confused sixteen year old facing the ever present challenge of growing up with and sometimes in different directions than friends.  And finally, as this seventeen year old nearly grown woman discussing her future plans that more and more included less and less of Mom.  So no, I do NOT want to think about this thing they call growing up.  It stinks!  It really, really does.

So even though it was hard and many times while we were shooting she kept asking, why are you looking at me like that, we have been working on her senior portraits.  I know I am speaking as a biased mom, but, gosh, she sure turned out beautiful!

So since we live so far from so many people that she grew up with and loves, we have to plan her graduation and subsequent festivities a little early.  At the moment her graduation is scheduled for May 31, 2015.  The only reason this date will change is if this winter is as bad as it was last winter and they have another, oh I don't know, KAJILLION snow days and it gets pushed back.  Her party is planned for June 6, 2015.  So all my lovely Arizona friends and family, I would love to know how many of you are planning on coming up to see us this summer.  You can e-mail us at  or give us a call.

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