Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hay Ride Time. . .mmmmm Sorta

The congregation in Mt. Pleasant invited us to their annual hayride hosted by a great family.  Apparently they do it every year and brothers and sisters from all over come for a hayride, great food, associationg, and a big bonfire.  J.'s buddy was here for the weekend so he tagged along as well.  And of course, the car ride was crazy as ever.

All the teenager-ish girls sat waiting and played the ever fun game of "truth" and "would you rather".  Yes, just truth, they took out the dare because they decided it was more fun just to make people tell the truth about weird and random things.  Silly girls.

And the boys do what boys do best and played football.

I know, tiny little specks that you can't really see, but a girl can only carry so many lenses at once!

The girls were super excited to see each other again.  And there was an awesome tire swing.

At one point the girls stole the camera so it is pretty funny going through them all and seeing the silly faces and poses and seeing random people pop up on my screen and I have no idea who they are.  It was a lot of fun and we met a lot of new brothers and sisters from all over the area.  But as for actually riding on hay - nope.  There were a LOT of people there and they hayrides were going in shifts, by the time it was our turn, we decided we wanted to stay next to the big warm fire instead.  But there really was a tractor pulling a wagon full of hay bales, I swear!  Maybe next year. . .

And lastly, we had a very cute little backyard visitor Monday evening.

She was so cute, not very skittish though.  We banged on the window a little and she didn't budge, but I took the picture through the window anyway because I didn't want to open the door and scare her off.

That is all the newsworthy items from these parts.  Saturday we have a work day at the Kingdom Hall and I am assigned to working in the flower beds again.  So now I will be pulling out the flowers I planted in the spring.  And our family is taking over one of the flower beds so I have to plan what we want it to look like in the spring so I can get some bulbs planted soon.  I will post pics for you all next week.

Love you much and we are sending virtual hugs and kisses to you all.  If you want to feel the real thing turn to the person to your right or left and hug away.  Unless of course it is a stranger. . .then that would just be awkward!