Friday, September 30, 2011

Officially Fall - Week 30 - Captured Moments

Fall is officially here.  Today service was very windy and very chilly.  But the colors are popping out more and more.  So beautiful!

Week 30 of 52

Location:  Remus, MI
Subject:  Fall Leaves

These little guys we see almost every day.  They are so cute, but refuse to get off the road.  Silly birds, hens actually.  These are guinea hens.

Today a sister in our car told us the females call sounds like "buckwheat" and the males call counds like "chuck, chuck".  Her family used to keep them as pets.  She said they are funny to watch as they are not very bright.  Apparently not if they refuse to get off the road.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Treasury List

List of Treasuries

Some of these I knew about, some didn't.  I guess it pays to check yourself instead of relying on Etsy to tell you.  Enjoy!

It is kind of cool to see how someone else includes your art with their own idea.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Photo of the Week - Week 29 - Country Roads and Bumpkins

Week 29 of 52

Location:  Remus, MI
Subject:  Country Road in Fog

This is the road we take to get to the Kingdom Hall for meetings.  This photo was taken this past week as Z and I headed out for service in the fog.  It was beautiful.  Wait till you see this road in the fall.  Actually, I love this road in every season.  This is Rachel's favorite road.  It is tied with the next road down for my favorites.  The next road down has more hills.  I love these country roads.

Now for those country bumpkins.

These are my city kids turned country bumpkins.  This was from last weekend when we headed over to Klackle Orchards in Greenville, MI.  This was taken about 15 minutes before I killed my lens.  Poor, poor lens.  It served me well.  They are laughing because the sign was slightly off and they are worried people will think they are really short.  It is actually only off about half a foot or so.  But you know how kids are - every inch counts.  Really J and A are about as tall as me now.  It really is so sad.  What happened to those little kids I left Arizona with?

And one more, just cause I love it.  This is across the road from where we meet for service on Saturdays.  I used to come to this house as a little one so it is fun to be coming here again and telling the kids about when I was younger.  Also the lady of the house is like an encyclopedia.  I always go to her with all my Michigan questions.  She is awesome!

Canadian geese.  They have been flying around the past couple of weeks.  We are calling it their practice runs.  Today as we were out in the garden a line of them flew over very high.  I think that means they are outta here.

Love ya all and miss you immensly!!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Picture of the Week - Week 28 - Frogs

Week 28 of 52

Location:  Mecosta, MI
Subject:  Frogs

We have been seeing more and more frogs around our place lately.  Not sure exactly what that means.  But they sure are cute hopping all over the place.  They are loving the garden and the clippings around the edges of it.  This is just one of the many we have seen.  C. thinks it is a tree frog.  I haven't bothered to google his picture so I am not sure.

Love to you all.  Not sure what next week's picture will be since me and all my geniusness went and broke ANOTHER lens this weekend.  GRRRRRRR!!!!!!  I am so utterly and completely mad at myself!

Beautiful Patina Treasury

A new treasury.  Old and New beautiful collection of old and new things with a great patina.  This one features a photo of mine taken at a park in Colorado.

I didn't forget my photo of the week I have just been non stop for the last 3 days and today is no different.  Today is my sit with Grandma day so you will have to just be patient for a little longer.  Hopefully I will get back to the house early this afternoon.  Hopefully!

Love and miss you all!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fall Colors - A Treasury Full of Beautiful Photos

Camera Crazy - Falling for Photos

This beautiful treasury is full of photos capturing the beauty of fall.  Gorgeous.  So priviledged to be included.  Enjoy.

The world around us up here in the north is quickly changing to look just like those photos.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Photo of the Week - Week 27 - Sunflowers

Week 27 of 52

Location:  Mecosta, MI
Subject:  Sunflower

This is our one lonely sunflower that survived all the munching from the deer.  We planted one long row across the back of the garden.  Apparently deer love sunflower plants.  They munched them down to the ground, then some grew back so they munched away again.  This guy must be strong because he survived it all long enough to give us this beautiful bloom.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Eeeeekkk! A Treasury!

So I opened a new etsy shop to see if I can sell some of my photography.  I am adding things slowly just to see what kind of reaction I get and to see if I want to continue there or try something new. 

So far, things have been good.  Slow views but that is kinda typical for etsy.  But today I was featured in a treasury.  EEEEKKKKK!! So happy!

There it be if you wanna check it out.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Photo of the Week - Week 26 - Paddle Boats

Even though you really can't tell from this photo, they were out there having a good time.

Week 26 of 52

Location:  Pretty Lake, MI
Subject:  Paddle Boats

So I am halfway through my challenge.  This was supposed to be some brilliant subject and awesome photo.  But as things usually are, nothing worked out this week.  So, you get the next best thing.

Grandpa went to an auction with Uncle Larry last week.  He came home with this.  And the kids, as you can guess, were overly ecstatic .

I can see you are all shocked that my children are not all properly posed. :o)  This is what every photo session usually turns into.  Let's see how many funny faces and poses we can do.  So since this actually was the cutest out of the bunch, the rest of you get to see their goofyness too.

Anyway. . . the kids have been searching for a paddle boat since spring.  Every chance they got they were on craigslist shouting that they found one.  Some of them we called on.  But none of them ever panned out.  People don't call you back, or you were five minutes too late calling on it.  So thank goodness for grandparents.

Thanks Grandpa - you're the best!  Now they are just waiting for their cousins to come visit so they can take them for a ride!  HINT! HINT! HINT!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Grape Tomato Salsa

The tomatoes in our garden are finally deciding that they will ripen up.  And now we have grape tomatoes coming out of our ears and the tomatillos are finally deciding to ripen so J. finally got a good batch of his green salsa.

Z. is just about the only one that eats the grape tomatoes.  And while he does it a LOT of them, we had to figure out just what to do with all of them.

We keep picking and picking them but we still have loads and loads of bunches just like this one waiting to ripen.

So today while Z. and I were out there picking he decided he wanted to try and make a salsa with them.  Alrighty, let's give it a whirl.  The worst that could happen is that it doesn't taste very good but at least it would rid us of some tomatoes.  And I am all for letting him experiment with cooking, well, being in the kitchen at least.

So we brought them in, washed them up and Z. set to work.  This was after all his idea, so his recipe.

We decided since the grape tomatoes are usually on the sweeter side we would opt for yellow onions instead of a milder green onion.  Zack finished cutting the tomatoes and decided he was done with cutting, so I was the chopper and he was the instructor.  Turns out, grape tomatoes make a pretty yummy salsa.

Grape Tomato Salsa

Recipe you ask?  Who knows, we always just keep adding stuff until it tastes the way we want it to.  But here is, at least, a list of ingredients:

grape tomatoes
yellow onion
minced garlic
lime juice