Sunday, January 16, 2011

Freckled Noses

So, why "Freckled Noses".  Partly because this is my first attempt at blogging and who has time to come up with a catchy little title.  Mostly because the three things that need me most in my life have freckles sprinkled across their little noses.

As a child I had freckles sprinkled across my nose too.  If I look really closely I can still see them.  Maybe now that I do not live in the land of intense heat, I may actually venture into the outside world and maybe, just maybe, they will come back.

But I do love freckles.  Love them!  Many people look at them as unwanted imperfections.  I think they give character to your face.  Inherited traits maybe, a sign that you love the outdoors, who knows why some get them and some do not but I love them just the same.

Freckles are also something we tend to take for granted.  Something that is so easy to overlook.  When my youngest was probably about 4 he came up to me one day crying and asked when he would get his freckles so he could look like his siblings.  It made me stop to think.  How easy something so small and forgettable is but to someone who is the only one without them, they feel left out.  Happily he received his freckles within time and now matches his siblings perfectly.

So there it is, freckles hold a special place in my heart.  A symbol of youth and freedom, of carefree days outside, a feature unique to everyone that has the pleasure of having them.  A reminder to love our imperfections no matter what form they take because they are what make each and every one of us special in our own way.

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