Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Boredom

So it is a Sunday evening and it was such a busy day and now everyone is off in their different directions and I am bored.  Bored to tears.  Bored and anxious because I have all these projects floating around in my brain from all the "stuff" I have acquired in the last week either through gifts or auctions or yard sales.

So to help deflect some of that I thought I would share my $5 bookcase with y'all.

Here she is before:

I found her at a yard sale over in Barryton.  I would have passed her by because I thought she was just there holding up knick-knacks for sale.  Then I noticed some masking tape across the top that said $5.  I thought maybe it was a mistake.  Then I almost talked myself out of it.  What if it is a mistake and she says $20.  Do I still want it?  Even if it is $5 where would I put it?  Then I started to imagine her all fixed up with cookbooks and canned goods on her shelves.  So I finally asked if it was a mistake.  Nope.  Sweet!  Quick call to Cameron to come pick her up and we were on our way again.

The bottom edges were a little rough and one side the bottom was cracked.  No big deal.  I got out the good ol' wood glue, some nails, and a clamp.  Then I borrowed more of the hubby's tools, this time I reached into the power tools.  I got to work sanding down all the surfaces to get off the shiny varnish.

Thankfully the hubby came home after all of this was completed.  I love him to death and love that he always wants to help me with these projects but usually what happens is he completely takes over and then I don't get to enjoy that part of the refinishing.  Plus I tend to be a little more picky about things than he is.  So this way we avoided the "compromising" that I usually do and then the finding that "compromise" everytime I look at a piece when it is finished.  And when he finally did come home and looked over what I had done, he gave it his nod of approval and said he was impressed.  How's that for a day's work?

Then I rummaged around in all the paint we have around this place and found a white that was not too gleaming white and not to yellowy-white.  Z. is always dying to help me paint so I let him tackle the back while I worked on the front.  He lasted for about 15 minutes before he was "so exhausted" and had to go inside.  Silly boy.

I put on three or four coats of paint.  My plan was to distress it and then apply a final clear coat.  I got started on the distressing but decided it could wait awhile.  I was too impatient to have it in the kitchen.

So there she is with her many layers of paint.  Much, much prettier now.

And here she is in the kitchen with a tiny bit of distressing.  When I get a little more ambitious I will empty her off and get to work on that distressing.  But for now, she looks pretty happy just the way she is.


  1. You're so talented! I think it looks wonderful just the way it is. What a great find!

  2. *Blush* Aww, gee, thanks! I saw another one at an antique store this weekend but the center tall part had a door on it. I came really, really close to getting another one but Cameron gave me "the look". And it was also way more than $5. Besides I really am running out of room for all these bookcases.