Friday, September 23, 2011

Photo of the Week - Week 29 - Country Roads and Bumpkins

Week 29 of 52

Location:  Remus, MI
Subject:  Country Road in Fog

This is the road we take to get to the Kingdom Hall for meetings.  This photo was taken this past week as Z and I headed out for service in the fog.  It was beautiful.  Wait till you see this road in the fall.  Actually, I love this road in every season.  This is Rachel's favorite road.  It is tied with the next road down for my favorites.  The next road down has more hills.  I love these country roads.

Now for those country bumpkins.

These are my city kids turned country bumpkins.  This was from last weekend when we headed over to Klackle Orchards in Greenville, MI.  This was taken about 15 minutes before I killed my lens.  Poor, poor lens.  It served me well.  They are laughing because the sign was slightly off and they are worried people will think they are really short.  It is actually only off about half a foot or so.  But you know how kids are - every inch counts.  Really J and A are about as tall as me now.  It really is so sad.  What happened to those little kids I left Arizona with?

And one more, just cause I love it.  This is across the road from where we meet for service on Saturdays.  I used to come to this house as a little one so it is fun to be coming here again and telling the kids about when I was younger.  Also the lady of the house is like an encyclopedia.  I always go to her with all my Michigan questions.  She is awesome!

Canadian geese.  They have been flying around the past couple of weeks.  We are calling it their practice runs.  Today as we were out in the garden a line of them flew over very high.  I think that means they are outta here.

Love ya all and miss you immensly!!!!

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  1. The country road is beautiful and so are your "short" country bumpkins. Give them all a hug for me!

    Miss you guys!