Monday, April 9, 2012

Pausing to Catch My Breath and Give You All An Update

Here is our happy little bunch Memorial Night, 2012.  It, as always, was a great night.  We had almost 170 in attendance.  Not quite as many as we did last year, but still a pretty packed house.  We were busy with our invitations but still only managed to cover close to half of our territory.

Here is part of our bunch before the Memorial.  Two of our menfolk were off to help with parking.  We had to pick up a study on the way in, so we couldn't leave as early as we wanted to.  So, why not goof off with all that extra time.  This is what usually happens before you get a decent photo:

So goofy!  It has been a busy month, as always.  Cameron and I auxiliaried again in March.  With kids and I trading off sickness the first couple of weeks it was a very busy second half of the month.  But well worth it.  The kids had the first week of April off for spring break.  Z. and A. joined me in service and J. went off to work with his Dad for a couple of days.  Then they did some work at Aunt Carol's and over at Grandma and Grandpa's place.  Not exactly a super fun spring break but at least it was a break from school.

I didn't forget our Monday night goodies.  Here is last Monday's goodie.  Blueberry Angel Food Cake, fat free, surgar free ice cream and fresh blueberries.  4 PointsPlus

Plans are all set and we will see you all in May.  Squeeeeeee, can't wait!

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  1. You guys look great! Our memorial was exciting as well. Since we had ours at the beautiful new assembly hall there were over 1400 in attendance. It was exciting to see all the people just keep pouring in. Our congregation is host for the assembly this weekend and Tuesday we had book study and a beautiful talk from the DO about being humble. I was happy that I was able to leave work that day and attend! Miss you all and look forward to your visit in May.