Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring is Peeking Out

Well we got what we asked for. . .a winter with lots of snow.  And while it was fun, we are pretty much done with it now.  And spring is done with it too.  She has waited patiently but now she is pushing her way out.

This is our maple tree out front.  See those buds at the end of the branches and those stringy looking things hanging off?  Yep, she is starting to bud out.  I am so excited.  I love spring.  Spring is really the start of the new year for me.  Forget about January.  March is the start of 'what are we going to do this year'.  Seeds get planted and wait for the ground to be just right so they can be transplanted.  Garden plans are started, summer vacation looks close and kids are lining up what they want to do this summer, festivals are starting, the world just starts to wake up and is happy to be alive again.

It is also the start of increased spiritual activity.  March has four of our household auxiliary pioneering this month.  We also have our Circuit Overseer visit this month.  This will be the second visit with our new CO and his wife.  We love them!  We get to attend the entire pioneer meeting this Saturday.  We are all excited for that.  And it will be good motivation for the kids to auxiliary with me this summer.

Mom and Dad are returning to us in a matter of days now.  We are all looking forward to having them back.  We are trying to hurry and finish some last minute things around the house.  Almost everything on our list has been checked off as completed.  ALMOST, things never go exactly as you plan them.  But we are nice and saved some things for Mom and Dad to help with.

We miss you all bunches!  You should come visit this summer or this fall or NOW!

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