Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Photo of the Week - Week 48 - Random

Week 48 of 52

Location:  Near Mt. Pleasant, MI
Subject:  Besties

A. and her bestie.  We were going to update their BF pictures, but it was really, really cold outside.  This was during a break in the snow.  Spring time we will try again.

These past few weeks have been a little crazy.  Not much time to get out and shoot.  The hubby needs help at work, so I have been bouncing between that, going with my Aunt to see my Grandma, taking care of sick kiddos, and trying to squeeze in stuff that needs to be done around the house.  Busy, busy, busy.

So this week you are getting some random photos.

Random #2:  Monday night was our trade goodie night.  This is what Tamara had for us this week.

MMMMMMM marshmallow fudge.  It was very delicious and addicting.  And the dern girl sent some home with us.  I can hear them now calling me from the kitchen.  Eat me. . . .EEEEAAAAATTTTT  ME!  So I shall stuff the kids with them when they get home so I don't have to listen to them anymore!

and. . . Random #3:  Another sneak peak of the bathroom that is super close to being finished.

After multiple antique store trips (not that I am complaining, any excuse to get to one is good enough for me) we headed to this awesome store in Grand Rapids that I LOVE!  Phil's Stuff is a great antique's and etc. store.  He is only open on Saturday's but is so worth the drive.  The basement has one whole room dedicated to all things home and architecture related.  So awesome.  Anyhow, I finally found two matching handles that I liked and snatched them up.  I believe these are brass.  They will soon be painted black and will go on the new linen cabinet.  And surprisingly they were much cheaper than new.  Love 'em!

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