Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Photo of the Week - Week 50 - Good Times

Week 50 of 52

Location:  Mt. Pleasant, MI
Subject:  Goofy Good Times

This weekend we attended a wedding in Mt. Pleasant.  So much fun!  They had a photo booth set up with all sorts of props.  So. Much. Fun.  Kept the kids (and grown-ups) busy for hours.  I love this idea more than the professional photographers setting up a screen and taking goofy pics.  If only for the fact that you get a copy of these ones.  They had a scrapbook set up and printed out two pics of your photo booth fun and you could put one in the scrapbook with a message to the bride and groom and keep the other.  Or keep both.  Totally up to you.  I though this was such a fun idea!

See what I mean, kids had a blast.  That photo booth started during dinner and lasted until there were just the clean-up people left.

Me and Rach posing for Zack.  I bought the hubby a new point and shoot camera and we were testing out this night.  Not sure I like that thing.  The whole night I was wishing I had brought my own camera.  Oh, and for those that are frugal or fashion curious.  My outfit:  Dress - Chadwicks - Thrifted - $3 smackaroos, Shoes - Anne Klein - Thrifted $5 smackaroonies.  Not too shabby!  Rachel's outfit?  Have no idea but she sure looked cute.

Me and the hubby who was not being too cooperative with the whole take a picture thing.

With the gorgeous daughter who says unspeakable things about herself.  I however, think she looks adorable here.

Z. and his giant piece of rainbow cake.  A sister made the huge and gorgeous wedding cake.  (Sorry the only picture taken of this cake did not turn out!)  Each layer of the cake was a different flavor.  Made it very difficult to choose a piece of cake.  I suppose you can guess which layer all the kids ate from.

J. danced with me!  He usually refuses to dance.  I guess he really is growing up.

Me, Rach, and Tamara waiting our turn in the photo booth.

Cameron and the kiddos.  Well two of them anyway, Z. was having a ball running around with all the other kids.  Either that or he was still in the photo booth.

I know, totally out of focus but pretty hilarious.  Couple of goofballs.

There is your photo of the week - pluralized.  It was so much fun that night.  We danced till our feet were sore and our cheeks were rosy.  Miss Rox up there heckled the DJ until he announced that she be "removed".  It was all in good fun though.  So much fun and so happy to see two people tie the knot.

Chicago this weekend!  Wooo Hooo so excited.  Should be some fun pictures for you next week!  Stay tuned. . . . . . . .

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