Thursday, June 28, 2012

Just a Quick Hello

This crazy busy madness continues around here.  We keep saying "after this week, things will slow down". . . . . . well, we are saying that EVERY week and so far things have not slowed down.  But I am swearing, vowing, promising myself and the kiddos that next month WILL be better.

In the meantime, I have been working like crazy to get my hours in this month.  So we have been working lots of territory, some I have never been in before.  And we get rewarded by getting to see little critters like this cute little mommy bunny.  She was not very shy, which was a little worrisome but at least she posed well for her picture.  We are seeing lots of baby animals this time of year.  Yesterday two fawns were standing in the road with their mommy.  They were so cute all speckled and long-legged.

And we had a visitor from Arizona!  One of A.'s buddys is here spending the summer with her Grandma so we kidnapped her for the weekend.  It was fun to hear them compare how much each of them has changed and what they like and don't like about Michigan and Arizona.

We had a congregation picnic on the Sunday she was here and they all had a blast!  The girls got together Saturday night and made cupcakes for a cupcake walk for the little, little kids.  They turned out beautifully.

It was such a fun picnic, lots of activities, sack races, three legged races, water balloon fights, cake walk, softball, chicken trivia for the grown ups, and then they all made roosters out of solo cups and had a rooster call contest.  Strange yes, but absolutely funny.

And while the big kids had a water fight, the little kids made good use of what they left behind.

Even the birdies decided it was a good time to eat.  The mom and the dad were sharing in the chore.  It was so cute to watch them.  One would fly in and feed the two little ones and then call out.  The other parent would then swoop in and feed while the other one went off to find more food.  So cute.

Garden update pics coming up.  Everything is growing like mad!  And strawberry season is in full swing and we haven't even started yet!  Better get your orders in if you want some strawberry jam!

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