Saturday, December 1, 2012

Book of Nature

So. . .A.'s most favorite person in the whole world has this pretty awesome little brother.  We shall call him "Bob".  "Bob" loves animals.  Loves as in LOVES loves!  He has an animal scrapbook that he pastes pictures of animals cut from magazines and writes in little facts about animals.  Very cool.

We have a couple of books here that I aquired while my children were growing up.  They are Wildlife binders and once a month we would get a package in the mail with 5 new animal cards to put in the binder.  Bob covets these books!  So I decided, since my kids won't let go of their precious wildlife binders, that we would make one of our own for Bob.

What to fill it with was the next question.  Thankfully, we have this pretty awesome feature in The Awake! magazine, "Was It Designed".  So we created a section for these pages.  We just glue the pages from The Awake! to scrapbook paper and then glue the pages together, laminate, and voila!

I love these articles.  So much information and color on one little page.  Bob loves them too.  We also wanted to give him a section or two with plant and animal life.  So we created three more sections.  "Animal Life", "Plant Life", and "Bug Life".  These sections will contain both articles from The Awake! magazine and also photos and info from local nature.

The first page to go in the "Plant Life" section was a page dedicated to the Maple tree.  The photograph is the Maple tree in our front yard, we collected leaves in various color stages, and included loads of facts about the Maple tree.

And of course, a bookmark.  I made Bob a set of bookmarks one time as a gift and he loved them, then came over to make some of his own.  You would think by now he has enough bookmarks to last him a lifetime, but this is what he requested so I shall oblige him.

The notebook was delivered on a Sunday afternoon.  I explained to Bob that I would send him a package once a month to fill up his binder.  We saw Bob again the next Saturday, the first question he asked was if I had finished the next package yet.  Umm, no - once a month!  We saw Bob again the following Saturday, guess what his next question was - yep!  Sigh!  So I put the package together for him and delivered it to him the next Saturday.  He was pretty ecstatic!

With this package I also decided to make him a set of bible character cards, also from The Awake! magazine.  Want your own set?  You can download them here.  We have been doing this with our character cards.  I cut out the card, glue it to a colorful piece of scrapbook paper and laminate it.  We are creating a set for the car, the house, and the camper.  It is fun to quiz each other on the bible characters.  So Bob got his first set of character cards with this first package along with a very cool Jungle book we got at the Friends of the Library sale.  These are awesome sales!  If you have never been to one you should look it up for your local library and go!  We also created a card for his "Animal Life" section.  Cute little wood frogs that are all over the garden in the summer.

This last week I finished the second package and got it mailed off.

No local pages this go round, mostly because I was running out of time and wanted to get it mailed off.  Plus J. was hogging the computer doing his school work!  The nerve!

Today we had a crafty day after service.  I started work on my next little project - A little book on The Six Creative Days.  Want a sneak peak?

Not sure who this is going to, but when these projects start swimming around in your head, it's best to just let them escape.  Maybe a certain little niece and nephew in Arizona might like these?

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