Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Big Storm

Because I know you are all dying to know, yep, that big storm barreling across the U.S. finally reached us today.

This is our beautiful Maple Tree.  Look how low her branches are hanging.  And this is actually a little higher than they were early this morning.  We did lose a few branches off the pine trees, but thankfully, they didn't hit anything.

This is looking west down our road, after the snowplow went through of course.  So beautiful.  Everything is white, even the sky.

The kids were very excited, their morning started off with a 2-hour delay which turned into a snow day which by lunch time turned into two snow days.  So we did what any good parents would do. . . we put them to work.  We shoveled the driveway.  Yes, we have a snowblower and a snowplow.  But we really want our children to have those pitiful "we worked so hard when we were kids" stories to tell their children.

We worked with them of course so we could share our hard work stories too.  Oh wait, we grew up in Arizona. Ummmm, remember all that dirt we had to sweep all the time.

We are supposed to get some more this afternoon and tonight but we are in the rain/snow area so we shall see what we wake up to tomorrow.  We are hoping it is not too bad because we are heading out on our roadtrip tomorrow.  But we are determined to be like mailmen - rain, snow, sleet, or shine we are GOING to Missouri.

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