Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tears, Memories, and an Awesome Tree

Today was all around a good day. Kids made it out the door for school with no complaints. Then hubby and I checked out some homes for sale. Very nice properties with lots of potential. Then we headed to my aunt's house to continue projects. Hubby is remodeling their bathroom and I was starting my photographing and logging all my Grandma's treasures.

Grandma is looking worlds better today. She hasn't been eating well for awhile now and the nurse came yesterday and layed out a strict eating, drinking, and medication schedule. She feels better, talked better, and looked 100 times better than she did just a few days ago.

Today she had visitors. Friends coming by to check on her and see how she was doing. It is so hard for her. Her "old brain" as she calls it is not working like she wants it to. She was telling her friend how nice it is to have family taking care of her now. She started to cry. I hate when people cry. I always have to join in no matter how hard I try not to. So we shared some tears, a hug and a kiss. Love her!

After her company left we started the task of opening treasure boxes. Oh how much fun that was. We only made it through one box today. Grandma tires easily and even though she is just sitting, I think it is mentally as well as physically exhausting for her.

Found some very intersting things in that little box. An old collapsable alluminum cup that was a "prize" in an oatmeal box from long ago, a tool that belonged to her mother that was used to darn socks, an old can opener that she and her siblings used when they were young, and her mother's wooden spoon. I can't wait to see what we find tomorrow.

I had to take a break during the day to come meet my youngest little munchkin as he got off the bus. On the way I captured this beautiful, lonely, little tree.

How awesome is that tree? I have been trying to find the perfect one to do a four seasons series with. I think I found him!

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