Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bye Bye Winter . . . . Sort of

Have I mentioned that we live by a lake? I can see it from my kitchen window. It is a cute little lake, very quiet, very pretty.

Pretty Lake (no really, that's the name)

My Dad told the kids that this winter they could walk on water out on that like. In other words, it was going to freeze and they could walk across it. They waited and waited for that opportunity.

Then, our world turned cold. Very cold. And the lake finally froze over. But looks can be deceiving and even though the lake was frozen they had to wait for it to get thick enough. Boys will be boys so they were banned from the lake until Hubby and I gave the ok for them to go out on it. Fishing shanty's started showing up so they were allowed to go out. New adventures in this new land of ours. They have even learned to ice skate.

Winter has been lots of fun. But we have had "warm" days for the past week. The snow has melted. A LOT! And even though we are all ready for spring to be here, it is a little sad to say goodbye to winter.

Today the boys decided to play outside. Their auntie then informed me about 20 minutes later that they had grabbed ice skates as they ran out the door. Being the mother that I am I started to panic that maybe they went out on the ice. And being as warm as it has been maybe it wasn't safe. So I was putting my boots on to go get them and glanced up and out the window. This is what I saw:

I guess they are going to get the ice where ever they can find it. Not a very big patch but less worry for me than if they were out on that lake. We still have a little bit of winter left, and we are slowly saying goodbye. We will miss you winter, but we will see you next year.

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