Friday, April 29, 2011

Amazing What a New "Toy" Can Motivate You to Accomplish - Week 8

So have I mentioned the big trees around this place.  And also the fact that those trees make quite a mess?  Mess equals work and boys do not like work.  Who does really?  But you mention yard, rake, shovel in the same sentence around here and everyone scatters.  That is, until Grandpa bought this nifty little trailer for the tractor.  Actually the trailer was bought a few weeks ago but Dad had to get the mower and the tractor going.  Yesterday that actually happened.  And you will not believe what else happened, the words, yard, rake, shovel were all in the same sentence but with a couple of added words and Voila!!!! magic - the boys volunteered to clean up the front yard.  That's right - no yelling, no bribing, no threats!

Week 8 of 52

Location:  Mecosta, MI
Subject:  "Hardworking" Boys

Before you are too overwhelmed with the awesomeness that made the boys work, I must note one disclaimer.  The effects of this said tractor/trailer combo wears off quickly.  You may only get one actual load of branches and debri into said combo before all actual work ceases and fun time begins.  But hey, I can't complain, if they are working at all, that is a HUGE plus for us!

Now our only trouble will be keeping that little tractor filled with gas.  This may prove to be an expensive chore!

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