Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Moving Days - Work, Work, Work - The Big Maple Tree

So this is where we left off with our moving days.  This beautiful maple tree in the front yard.  It is gorgeous.  This tree has many, many jobs.  It is home to a mommy squirrel and her babies, numerous birds seek refuge in her foliage and rest atop her branches.  My boys love to climb on her and swing from her limbs.  My kids and I love to lie in the shade she provides and star at the sky through the branches or read together on a blanket.  Soon it will be host to a bench so more people can enjoy her.  She is beautiful.  But those beautiful leaves that turned red and orange and yellow, well, they fall off.  And this tree is massive, so that means, lots, and lots of leaves.

Lots and lots of leaves equals lots and lots of clean up.  We had so much fun raking the leaves into big piles and jumping in them.  Burying each other in the leaves and laughing at the dogs trying to sniff us out.  So much fun.  Soon we realized those leaves were getting pretty high.  So out came the rakes, shovels, and wheel barrow.  This job was much too big for that one wheel barrow to handle so we decided to be ingenious and create our own way of hauling off those leaves.

We raked leaves onto a big tarp and hauled them off, this was much, much faster.  The kids all worked so hard.  It took us all day on a Saturday and after meeting on Sunday we finished up.  Whew - what a job.


Gone!  Whew, finally!

That big ol' tree is a lot of work.  But we love her so.

Next episode:  Here Comes Winter

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