Sunday, April 3, 2011

Trees, Glorious Trees - Week 4

Maple Tree
It has been such an absolute crazy week I completely forgot about my 52 week challenge.  I did manage to squeeze in time to capture this tree in its winter stage.  We don't often head in the direction where I found him so I was excited that I actually remembered my camera on the day we did head that way.  (Wow that was a really long and most likely improper sentence!)

Location:  Near Beal City, Michigan
Subject:  Maple Tree - Winter

Have I mentioned how much I love trees?  Well let me tell you, I do.  Love, love, love them.  Trees are symbols of so many things, and provide so much for us insignificant little humans.  Love them.

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  1. Love this pic, I may need one like it to put up in my "brand new" house.