Friday, January 20, 2012

Photo of the Week - Week 45 - SNOW DAY!!!

Week 45 of 52

Location:  Mecosta, MI
Subject:  Warm Snow Day

As has been discussed, we did not have any "real" snow in November or December.  January on the other hand, has given us plenty.  So much so that the kids had three snow days in a row with a weekend and a holiday thrown in between so they were off school Friday through Wednesday.  Whew - thank goodness for snow plows and salt!  Thursday they were off to school.

One of the snow days turned out to be pretty warm.  Well warm as far as a Michigan winter is concerned.  We got all the way up to a balmy 40°.  All the beautiful snow covered trees dropped their white blankets and we headed out to play in the white stuff.

J. and Z. had been working on a sled run and finished it off with a jump or two so the could catch some air.

Which they did.  Then they decided two would go down much faster than one so they gave that a whirl.

Then A. finally decided to come out and join us.  No sledding down hills for her however.  She said she would have until they added the jumps.  Our goal this year is to get her to discover the thrill of flying down the hill on a sled.  So far mission goes unaccomplished.

Probably because she saw too much of this:

Anyway they had a ball on their snow days and were not too happy to be headed back to school.  But soon enough they will be tired of all the snow and be whining about when it will be gone and summer here so they can head out to the lake.

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