Friday, September 14, 2012

Good Ol' Fashioned Corn Roast

The first week of September we had our first visit from our new Circuit Overseer.  Very nice, he and his wife both.  On Saturday afternoon we had a corn roast to welcome them and also an excuse to taste all the homemade cooking from our congregation.  So the deal was each family had to bring a different topping for the corn.  So many different ways to eat your corn on the cob!

So here were some of the ways:

the favorite standby, butter with salt

Mexican chili and lime powder - this was very yum and we will soon be heading to Detroit with a certain someone to get some of this deliciousness of our own

creamy guacamole

mayonnaise - still sceptical about this one, I didn't try it but others said it was yummy

parmesan cheese

and we made a cream cheese topping with cerrano and jalepeño peppers, green onions, and lime.  This was very delicious.  A. doesn't like corn on the cob (I know - she is crazy) so she ate it with chips.

Oh, and one sister used the corn to make a corn relish/salsa dip.  So, so good.  I now have that recipe in my stash.

It was a fun day.  Boys threw the football for a little bit, everyone chatted, some played scrabble, ladder ball of course was present, kids played on the playground, then the wind was just too much and everyone called it a day.

My boys
Cameron and C.O.

Mr. GQ Under Armour model. (You're Welcome!)
Me and C.O.'s wife
Part of the gang.  Trying to stay as close as they can to the heat source. :)

The Scrabble Game

Enjoying the Teeter-Totter

My Crazy Three

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