Monday, September 3, 2012


For us here in Michigan, today is the last official day of summer.  School starts tomorrow.  It has been an interesting summer.  Plans got rearranged, focus changed, lots of different emotions ran through our little family.  We lost loved ones, said goodbye to good friends, welcomed new furry family members, accomplished goals, made new goals for the coming year.  All in all it has been a great summer, and it is always sad to say goodbye to such a great season.  So today is for reflecting on all of that, saying goodbyes in our hearts since we can't say them in person, and trying to make peace with things we can't really control.

Fall is quickly coming and it is my most favorite time of year.  Some of the trees are already rimmed with reds and golds.  It is going to be a gorgeous fall.  I promise to update you all with lots of pictures.

Here is Gilbert.  Our roadside rescue of sorts.  Long story for another day.  But he is very cute and we love him so much already.

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