Monday, March 7, 2011

Girly Girls and Wedding's

Weddings are so much fun! We went to a wedding a couple of weeks ago. A childhood friend getting married. Most guys dread weddings. They hate getting dressed up, hate the process of the girls getting all dolled up. Us girls on the other hand . . . LOVE it!

The Hair!
Rachel's long golden locks with pretty cascading curls.

Mine all upswept with cute little flower pins.

A.'s in a simple soft pony with messy curls.

The Makeup!

So normally I only let A. wear minimal makeup with neutral colors. But this was a wedding! I let her wear some green eyeliner. Her eyes are so beautiful!

and of course - The Friends!

The Blueberry Buddies

This was L.'s first "witness" wedding. So in between the wedding and the reception her and Little R. decided they needed hair make-overs. So this is the Blueberry Buddies again after they gave L.'s hair a glamorous updo!

Me and the Rachel's (the Little R. would not take a normal picture so this is what she gets)

Rachel and Tamara

Such a fun night. Little R. started the night off refusing to dance and ended the night begging the rest of us to keep going! Silly little girl!

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