Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Different Kind of Job Fair - by Request

This past weekend the kids and I attended the coolest job fair ever!  A spiritual job fair.  A brother and sister in the Big Rapids congregation put it together and brothers and sisters from a lot of different congregations all helped out and made it an event that the kids will remember and hopefully cherish for a very long time.

Unfortunately my flash decided to run out of batteries as soon as we arrived, therefore, pictures are not the greatest.  But the event was so encouraging, I am going to share my poor photos anyway.

Upon arriving, we signed in and each of the kids were given a goodie bag and a "passport".

There was a different booth for many of the different "jobs" you can reach for in Jehovah's organization.  Everything from becoming a publisher, to being a missionary.  Each booth was maned with two brothers and/or sisters who have had the priviledge of actually doing what their booth was about.  The "Serve Where the Need is Great" booth was maned by a sister who has served in a few different countries.  The "Spanish" booth was connected and was maned by a brother who serves in the spanish congregation and also gone to some spanish speaking countries.

A and Z checking out all the different language groups or congregations in Michigan

This was the baptism booth.  The brother here had three stacks of questions, beginner, intermediate, and expert.  The kids had to choose a card, answer the question, all of which were taken from the questions for baptism, once they answered correctly there were given three chances to throw a ball into the target.  The brother here pointed out that almost every page in the passport could not be achieved without first getting baptized.

Bible School for Single Brothers Booth
This brother here is an AMAZING speaker.  He seriously gives the best talks.  He has visited our congregation a few times and always speaks at assemblies and conventions.  And he sounds like Matthew McConaughey to boot.  Win, Win!  He was great with the kids.  He also did part of the second part of the night, which I will get to later.

American Sign Language Booth
We spent a lot of time at this booth.  A. has decided she would like to try Sign Language.  So this brother and his brother there next to him were very excited and talked to her a lot about their experience joining the ASL group in Howard City.  The brother the kids are talking to brought along a bible study of his.  A young deaf boy, probably 14 or 15ish.  Later in the day when all the kids were gathered and one of the brothers asked what was the greatest gift they ever recieved, this young boy raised his hand and said his bible study.  Wonderful!

Z. learning how to run the sound at the Ministerial Servants booth.

Regular Pioneer Booth
This booth had something the kids really enjoyed.  They had a board with pictures of some of the tracts on the left hand side and on the right were the titles.  They had to first plug into a photo and then plug the other end into the title.  When they got it right they would light up.  Once they got all of them correct a little flashlight popped out with "Shine as Illuminators  Phil 2:15" engraved on one side and "Pioneer" engraved on the other.

Relief Work booth
This booth was pretty fun.  The kids had to build a lincoln log house just like the model.  They were timed to see who was the fastest.  I am happy to say that I beat (no not literally. . .at least not there) all three of my children.  By a whole 0.7 seconds!

At the end of the evening there was a game of Hollywood Squares.  Our "celebrities" were all either bible characters, early publishers, or current day publishers.  So much fun.  The kids had a blast, although they weren't really getting the idea of the tic-tac-toe part of it because they were all picking random "celebrities" and not really trying to get tic-tac-toe.  Which meant poor, Coleporter Cameron in the middle was not chosen too many times.

The whole evening was awesome.  I hope when the kids look back on this day that they really appreciate how much time and effort went into this event and are all the more encouraged by what was done for them.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the brothers and sisters that did this for our children, and thank you Jehovah for allowing us to be part of such a spectacular organization.


  1. Wow! this sounds like a wonderful event! How loving of the brothers to put this together! Very cool!

  2. It really was awesome! So much time and effort put into it. I think the younger kids will appreciate it more when they are older and look back on it.