Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Warm Days Mean Water Wars and Croquet

Warm days are officially back!  Yay!  Love the feel of that warm sunshine.

Sunday night we barbequed and then set up the ol' croquet set.  We set it up and played Saturday evening also and Mom kicked butt so we had to have a rematch.  We begged and cried and finally guilted Dad into joining us.  Turns out it wasn't such a great idea.  Sunday night Dad kicked butt.  Guess us young'uns got some practicing to do.

So much fun.  We were having so much fun we forgot to keep an eye on little Roscoe.  So what was he doing while we were all so distractred?  Just like any other kid he was taking advantage of his "free" time.

Yep, he discovered the delicious tongs hanging from the grill.  He was a happy little camper until Rachel discovered him.

We had so much fun on our warm, sunny weekend.  See you all soon!!!!

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