Friday, May 11, 2012

Slackers and Workers

Spring.  It's a busy time of year around here.  Birds are returning from their warm vacations, animals are crawling out of hybernation, flowers are blooming and the bumble bees have returned to pollenate them, babies are being born, eggs are being laid.  Oh wait, speaking of eggs, here is our slacker.

On the right is a normalish size egg that our lovely little chickens usually give to us.  On the left, well, we are not sure what happened.  Did she sneeze and it came out a little early?  Was she just not feeling up to snuff on that particular day?  Who knows but it is the cutest egg we have ever gotten so I guess that counts for something.

And there are a couple of worker bees.  Yep, its that time of year again.  Garden is getting tilled.  Plans have been drawn, and planting has begun.  This year we have expanded the garden.  Yeay for more space to grow more things, but boo for the extra work this extra space is creating.  I had to recruit some extra help.

These little cuties are a friends kids that I was watching for the day.  They started out playing outside while Dad and I worked but decided they wanted to help too.

Busy, busy, busy as always.  But we are in a rush to get it all planted before heading to Arizona.  We are so excited to be there.  My lists are started as always and I am driving everyone nuts.  But I hate, HATE, forgetting anything.  Can't wait to see everyone.  Can someone please order cooler weather for the week we will be there please!  Love you all and see you soon.

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