Friday, May 18, 2012

The Garden is Started

Our lovely little Snowball Bush is blooming.  Love it, so pretty.  Our garden is also doing really well.  I should say, what we have planted so far is doing well.

Onions are sprouting.  We tried planting them two different ways this year, so we will see how that goes.  We planted some deep to grow like table onions or green onions and we planted the rest shallow so we can get some nice big onions.

We also switched the garden up a little bit.  Most of the rows are running the same direction this year.  Which means the rows are really, really long!  But I think I like it better so far.  That also means we will be getting much, much more produce this year.  So all you Arizonan's come on up and we will share with ya!

The potatoes are also starting to sprout.

So far that is all that is up.  But those were the first things planted, probably before we will leave most everything else should be popping up to say hello.  Oh, and the garlic, but the garlic is more of an experiment.  I planted them last year without doing any research and discovered I really should read up on stuff before I plant.  Garlic takes a REALLY long time.  So we left it in the ground and it sprouted this spring so we are going to leave it till end of summer and see what happens.  Green beans, green onions, corn, and cilantro are in the ground.  Today and this weekend we will be planting everything else.  That is a long list so I will spare you the details.

Planting corn.  Lovely garden attire right!?!  I learned my lesson last year.  Remember this post from last year.  Yeah, so now garden work involves long shirts with long sleeves and my nice floppy hat.

No stupid sunburn for me this year! . . . yet.

And finally, just for fun, you know us and our weird shaped veggies.  We found a Michigan shaped potato.

Yep, I know. . . Amazing! :o)  And on that note I am signing off, dinner is waiting to be cooked, seeds are waiting to be planted, and I am waiting to go shopping!  See you all in ONE WEEK!!!!!!

Just cause I love those snowballs so much!

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