Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gifts From a Not So Great Garden

Our garden was incredibly sad this year. INCREDIBLY!  From seeds not sprouting, to not enough rain, to deer and raccoon, to lack of attention, and on and on.  Anyway. . . Incredibly. Sad. Garden.  The good news is, we are getting some gifts from said garden, I suppose it is trying to redeem itself, or beg us to not give up on it.

One of the things I really wanted from the garden this year was for all of my salsa fixin's to be ready at the same time.  Jalapeños are doing awesome, green onions this year are doing spectacular, but tomatoes and cilantro - not so much.  Cilantro is one of the items that I kept re-planting and it just would not sprout.  After about three or four rounds of planting and waiting I got maybe 5 or 6 plants.  So I used some and I just let some go.  Now, I am just waiting on the coriander to be ready, then I can use some of that and keep the seeds for next year and through the winter.  A little gift from the garden.

Cilantro blossoms.

Cilantro Seeds/Coriander
The bumble bees are loving the flowers right now.
Another gift from the garden is the one thing I could not find this year.  Tomatillos.  J. loves his green salsa.  Last year we had a bumper crop of them.  This year I was never at the right nursery at the right time.  But leave the garden alone for a week or two and it gives you a lovely little present wrapped in green crepe paper!

Green Onions!
It is also giving us lovely little things to look at.  Like grape vines that look like little green snakes.

I know I am so far behind.  I promise I will catch up.  School is starting soon so life will slow down a tiny notch or two for me.  Stay tuned for what we have been busy with this past month!

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