Monday, August 20, 2012

My One Dollar Chair - Finished!

So we used to have this most awesome auction place in Mt. Pleasant.  Last year I got this chair for one dollar!  Wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with it.  I bid one dollar on it just so I could watch it and see how high it got.  I ended up being the only one that bid on it.  So, yeay for me, I got a chair for one dollar.  One, very sad, very dirty, very poorly repaired, chair for one dollar.

I decided this chair might make a good desk chair, so I headed to JoAnn's to check out fabric and found this upholstery fabric I loved and then waited for a sale and a coupon.  Then this poor project has been sitting on the list.  I took the "before" picture last fall after this project had already been waiting for months.  Can you tell this difference between our poor fall grass and our summer grass.  Anyway, we have had a very rainy couple of weeks.  Not so great for our pioneering this month, but great for catching up some projects.  Saturday, after service and a rain shower, I got busy tackling this little project.

Here's what it took:

This was someones idea of a repair.  It held well just didn't follow through with the cleanup.

So I went to town with my little dremel and got it all off. Then I sanded the whole thing down and spray painted it smoke gray in gloss.

Took that old nasty fabric off.

Can you tell how many times this poor chair has been recovered.
Now the fun part!  I grabbed some extra batting too.  The original cushion was, well, not very cushy.
Staple on the batting and cut off excess.

Then staple on the fabric.  I tucked the fabric all the way over the lip also to hide all those previous staple and nail holes.

But what to do with all those ugly staples?

Voila!  My handy dandy HeatN'Bond left over from my bathroom curtains.  And some lovely ribbon.

Ta Da!  No more ugly staples.  Everyone told me I was ridiculous because this is under the chair, but I say the entire chair deserves to be pretty! :o)

And there she is all finished.  Now if the rest of the office/craft area could be done so quickly and easily!


  1. Beautiful! It's so much fun making something look new!

  2. Thanks sis. It really was fun, and I really should have done that a long time ago. But my craft area will be finished soon so good timing I guess. Now I can move on to other projects, like all the furniture for A.'s room.