Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Truck and Tractor Pulls - Mecosta County Free Fair

As requested, here are some of the pics from the Truck and Tractor pulls at the Mecosta County Free Fair on July 13th.  Yes I know, that was almost forever ago.  But this was requested by a very special nephew.  Here they are as promised!

first tractor run
First John Deere

The Green Ghost
This machine was pretty cool.  It drove up from Grand Rapids got off the trailer, did this one run, loaded back on the trailer, and headed off to the next fair.  I sure hope they get paid a lot of moola for all that work for such a short little show.

Street Truck class

Street Truck class

The F-Bomb.  Seemed to be a crowd favorite.
One of the lady drivers.  I think this may have been the modified class, but I am not positive.
Another lady driver.  This one I believe was a teen.

Hot Diesel Class

A.'s dream truck and the lady driver that won the whole shabang!

The Winner!

The boys checking out the action.
I forgot what these tractors were called but they were my favorite part.

So there you go little nephew.  There are a ton of more pictures but frankly my fingers and my patience are done.  I guess if you want to see them all you have to come visit!

Love you!

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