Thursday, August 30, 2012

5 OH - We Made It!!

We made it!  Five - O!
We finally made it today.  It has been a long month.  Full of lots of obstacles, but we did it.  Next month is going to be lonely without my two troopers by my side, but oh the memories we made this month.

I am so proud of those two little boogers right there.  First month out of the gate and they joined me auxiliary pioneering this month.  Everyone told us we were crazy because it is the worst month to try and do it.  Almost half our pioneers were at pioneer school for two weeks.  Half of the remaining pioneers were on much needed vacations, and those that were left work so they were out limited hours.  But we had lots of support from those that were out.  We are so appreciative of those pioneers that had their hours in but came out just to help us.  Love them!

Ice Cream!
We celebrated our accomplishment with ice cream from the best ice cream spot around.  Williams Cafe in Barryton.  Biggest single scoop of ice cream you will ever see!

We made it through days that started out rainy and cold . . .

. . . and ended up sunny and hot.

We made it through days where no one showed up and we trudged along by ourselves.

We made it through days with pioneers very particular in their ways. :)

But we also made it through days where we laughed all day, learned new things about old friends, made new friends, saw parts of our territory we have never seen before, drew closer to each other, closer to the congregation, and most importantly, closer to Jehovah.

It was a most awesome month!

I can't wait 'till next summer so we can do it all over again!

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