Sunday, October 9, 2011

365 Days Later. . .

One year ago today we arrived in Michigan.  Yep, one year, 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days, 8,760 hours, or 525,600 minutes ago, we officially arrived in our new state of residence.  It is amazing how quickly time passes.  I have had to count that year sometimes in months since it flies by so fast, and sometimes in minutes because it seems to pass so slowly.

It was a very long drive, a very sad goodbye.  Even as I write to you all today I tear up thinking about all those I had to say goodbye to in order to come to this new life.

So in honor of our making it one whole year I decided to dedicate today to listing 52 things I miss about Arizona.  One for every week we have been away.

1. My Sisters  2. Our family  3. Our friends  4. My house  5. Our congregation  6. My sisters  7. Mexican food  8. Grocery stores that have everything I want to buy in them  9. Knowing EXACTLY where everyplace I want to go is  10.  nieces and nephews  11. My Sisters  12. a K12 school that has no limits on enrolled students  13. Those I love even though I didn't know how much until I had to leave them  14. Arizona sunsets  15. Great craft stores five minutes from my house  16. My Sisters  17. Gem Show  18. Camping in the mountains  19. Patagonia  20. Mountains  21.  Knowing north, south, east, west just by looking up  22. My Sisters  23. Friends  24. Discount movie theaters  25. Sitting on a mountain and seeing for miles and miles  26. Great Mexican Food  27. living around the corner from M&M K.  28. night walks around the city block  29. backyards with walls so my pups could run free  30. My sisters  31. fireworks you can actually see from your house  32. Our friends  33. seeing our friends children grow up  34. nieces and nephews  35. second-hand stores  36. circuit assemblies where you know almost everyone there  37. getting to that circuit assembly without the use of a GPS  38. MY SISTERS  39. living so close to California  40. Our house  41. My brother  42. Giant, mysterious saguaro's  43. walks in Sabino Canyon  44. weekends in Florence  45. My Sisters  46. Mexican Food  47. Friends  48. Family  49. Driving home from my Big Sisters and watching the city lights  50. Monsoons  51. Adopted Parents/Grandparents  52. Friends/Family

So there they are, 52 of the things I miss most from Arizona.  And no, I am not crazy (well mostly not), I have some things listed more than once.  But that is because I miss them so much I had to list them more than once!

It has been a hard, busy, crazy, stressful, fun, wonderful year.  We have learned so much, made so many new friends, and are so glad we made that very hard decision.  We miss you all so much and can not wait until we can see your smiling faces again.


  1. I'm sorry to say, however, some are having a hard time adjusting to the decision that was made, even after a year. It was very hard when you moved away. The tears still want to flow. Don't get me wrong, I am happy that my family in MI is doing well, I just miss having them in "arms reach".

  2. I agree with Big Sister....I miss you tremendously every day. Thanks for making me cry once again reading your blog. I too am happy you are all doing well in MI but am selfish in wishing you were still here to do stuff with. Hope to see you soon.

  3. Well someone has to cry with me. Sometimes I have to type with my arms stretched out far so the tears don't blitz out my keyboard! Just sayin. . . Love, love, love you guys!!!!!