Wednesday, October 19, 2011


So have I mentioned the "Friendiversary" that is taking place?  A and her best bud marked the very first day they met as the day they fell madly in "best friends" with eachother and therefor must celebrate their "friendiversary".  Very cute I must say.  HOWEVER, this event, even though it is officially October 12th has been taking place for well over a month now.  This weekend however is the final hoo-ra and so gift giving shall commence for the final time and we shall declare it OVER!  Whew!

This week we decided to get crafty with some of the gifts so I will be posting those as we get them completed so you all can share in the "Friendiversary".  Recently another one young from the congregation has been added to their little group.  So she is receiving gifts this weekend as well.  Here is what we put together for her new room.  Big Sis how did I do?  I tried thinking like the pro you are as we put this together.

Her new room is going to be purple and lime green.  Since we don't have the luxury of a craft store 10 minutes from the house anymore, we had to use what we had on hand.  Turned out pretty cute.  Now we have to get busy on one for the "bestie".  Stay tuned. . . .

And just because I am so, so happy.  Look what the hubby got me for an extra super early anniversary gift.

Woo Hoo, so excited.  Then Mom happened to go to Aunt Pat's and she was holding a yard sale for her sis-in-law and had another Kitchenaid with extra attachments so I got that one too.  How on earth I go from having none to having two in a matter of weeks is crazy.

Love ya all.  Miss you like nothin' else.

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