Friday, October 21, 2011

Friendiversary Gifts - Complete!

Whew, since today was going to be such a busy day, I stayed up late last night and finished up the rings and the pendant.  So now, officially, we are finished with the gift making!

The rings turned out pretty cute.  These flower rings were purchased as separate pieces at Joann's and A. glued them together.

This pendant and rings we selected from my photos and glued them to glass tiles.  One of the girls really likes old cars hence the old truck photo.  And the small one is really hard to photograph because it is so round every angle I tried it at the light hit it too brightly.  Which in retrospect might even make it not such a great option for a ring in the first place.  Oh well, live and learn.

So there they are.  A. is excited for her big day, and was glad to see the rings already completed this morning so less work for her.  Silly girl.

Oh I forgot the other part of their gifts.  Rachel is crotcheting hair flowers for them.  She will have to post pictures on her blog for you to check them out.  They are really, really cute.


  1. You are awsome as usual! All of your crafts look great!

  2. Thanks mucho to you both. It was fun creating with A. since she doesn't like to be crafty with me much these days.