Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dirty, Stinky Work!

This week marks the next phase in garden work.  Fertilizer - yuck!  My cousins cleaned out their barn this weekend which means we got nice fresh fertilizer for our garden.  So yucky, dirty, stinky work began.

Zack and Grandpa worked pretty hard.  Of course the tractor helped to hold Zack's interest but he really did work hard with no complaining.  It also helped that all day Grandpa made jokes about "crap".

By the time we were done with our garden the older kids had gotten home from school so we headed to Reuben's garden.  By now Zack was kinda tired, Jake and Aubrey were not too happy to be shoveling poo.  But we got both of Reuben's areas pooified.

My poor city children.  :o)  They are actually adapting well and having fun and working hard.  But really, who likes to shovel poo?  Grandpa then took their whining and was making songs up about "crying over crap".  Us adults were amused but the children not so much.

Cameron and Z. get lessons in tilling from Grandpa.  We still have some work to do but by the end of this week planting will be done and the weeding and waiting begins. 

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