Friday, May 20, 2011

Fun with the Kiddos - Week 11

Kiddos at Pretty Lake

Week 11 of 52

Location:  Pretty Lake, Mecosta, MI
Subject:  Kiddos

This week was hard to pick so you are getting two!  I know! Now try to contain your excitement.  This one was taken last Friday.  Little Miss Cutie Bug came to make cookies and while we were waiting for them to cool we headed down to throw rocks into the lake.  We managed to get her to hold still for a couple of seconds so we could get a group shot.  And no, Z. is NOT wearing tights.  He got new work boots so he could work "like a real man" with Dad and Grandpa and so he had to get long socks.  Well now he wants to wear those boots everywhere.  Silly kid!

And this one was taken the week before.  Z. and Little Miss Cutie Bug were getting a ride in the wagon.  They were having a blast!  Two of the 13 cutest kids on the planet!

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