Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tea Parties

Yesterday I threw a tea party for my little three year old niece.  She just moved up here to Michigan and I wanted her to get to know all the other little toddler girls from the congregation.  It was so cute to see them having fun and playing with eachother and sipping apple juice from their little tea cups.

To help out with all these toddlers I had A.'s friends come over to help make cupcakes and decorations and act as waitresses for all those cute little girlies.  It worked out great - A. got a little mini slumber party of sorts and I got some help.  We made these cute little surprise in the middle cupcakes the night before.

They were delicious.  They have mini oreos tucked in the middle.  We made the chocolate hearts the night before but frosted and decorated them Saturday after service.  Oh yes, service with four giggling teens and preteens.  It was entertaining to hear them all giggle and sing in the back seat.

Then they decorated the table for me.

Then of course we did a mini-photo shoot before all the party guests arrived.

It was such a fun day and now my little niece has lots of little new friends.

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