Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fishing the Chippewa

My boys love their fishing.  And now we live in fishing country and they have yet to go fishing.  They had big plans to go ice fishing this winter but somehow we never managed to find the time.  So this week we decided to be spontaneous and head out to scope out some fishing spots.  So we headed to the big ol' town of Barryton, well Village if you want to get all technical, and fish the Chippewa River.

First stop, the South Branch of the Chippewa River.  There is a cute little park on the east end of town.  So first the boys fished off the river banks.  A. wandered with bare feet and I hunted the cutest yellow flowers that dotted the banks of the river.

South Branch Chippewa River, Village of Barryton
This seems to be a good spot, but we are not fishing in earnest, just scouting, so we pack up the fishin' gear and head to the next spot.

North Branch Chippewa River, Village of Barryton, Hoover Road Bridge
This is our next stop a few miles up the M66.  This is the Hoover Road Bridge.  This is just down the road from the farm where my Dad grew up.  Also where I spent the first seven years of my life.

This photo was taken about 9:15PM.  It is crazy how long it stays daylight up here.  Yes, the kiddos should have been in bed long before this.  But who can keep track of what time it is when it doesn't get dark till waaaay past bed time!  And random adventures are fun, school is almost finished, and it has been a stressful few weeks.  So there!

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