Friday, May 13, 2011

Tree Swallow - Week 10

Tree Swallow (Female)
Location:  Mecosta, Mi
Subject:  Tree Swallow

Our birdhouse finally has occupants.  There were two nesting pairs fighting for the rights to this charming little birdhouse.  They have such pretty little songs.  The cute little female peeking out and her mate were actually there to claim their stake first.  So it was cute to see them fighting off the other pair.  Each time after they would successfully send the other pair packing they would sit on top of the bird house and sing to eachother.  Sometimes they would get rather loud with eachother too.  Maybe it wasn't all singing praises.  Maybe they are like most couples and were expressing their differences of opinions.

This photo is clearly out of focus but I was shooting in manual mode and action got intense.  The swallow on the right is the female and she clearly was voicing a strong opinion to her mate and he clearly was getting the picture. :o)

We are loving all our fine feathered friends.

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