Thursday, June 16, 2011

Chasing Butterflies

So when I set out to blog, it wasn't for the purpose of spreading my philosophy on life with the world.   Those of you that read it, know what it is here for.  So please pardon this momentary interruption.

We have a couple of parties to attend this weekend and being my crafty little self I have been busy creating gifts.  In the process I also created a couple of bookmarks for Aubrey and her buddy.  In doing so I was rifling through my collection of quotes and searching online for quotes that would fit with my photographs.  In the process I found this:

"Realize what you really want. It stops you from chasing butterflies and puts you to work digging gold." -William Moulton Marston
How sad is that?  Why would one ever want to stop chasing butterflies?  Wouldn't chasing butterflies bring you much more satisfaction than digging for gold?

In chasing butterflies, majority of the time you will not actually catch the butterfly.  But think of all you do catch - you take in the beauty of the country that surrounds you, you find joy within yourself, butterflies are more often than not around flowers, so not only do you get to chase butterflies but you get to stop and smell the roses.  Chase them with a friend and you also get to become closer to another human being.  All those things can help you to appreciate the beauty of Jehovah's creation.

So now how bout that gold digging?  What do you get?  A whole lot of dirty that's what!  How long do you have to dig for gold before you actually find gold?  A long, long time that's for sure.  And where does gold get you?  Just about nowhere.  Sure money can buy you fancier things, better clothes, a bigger house, but does that make you happy?  Nope, not always!  Mostly it does the opposite.

So I say, go on, chase those butterflies.  If that is your entire aim in life, then chase them better than anyone else.  Grab a buddy and chase away, you will be happier than if you had pockets full of gold!

Thank you, I will now be stepping off my platform and returning to updates on our life here in Michigan.

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