Friday, June 24, 2011

Wildflowers - Week 16

Week 16 of 52

Location:  Mecosta, MI
Subject:  Daisy

Since the snow melted away and the weather turned warmer, our roads are all lined with wildflowers.  We started with happy little daffodils bouncing hello's from the edge of the road and have gone through I don't know how many different kinds of wildflowers.  The past couple of weeks we have had these pretty little white daisies.  They are so pretty.  They will soon be gone though and replaced by the lillies that are waiting patiently to bloom.

Even the ponds and edges of the lakes are blooming.  The lilly pads are sporting their white flowers and these really cool yellow pod looking flowers are popping up too.

I went to a door with a sister that had a very overgrown yard but it looked so pretty with all these flowers.  There were daisies, these pretty orange flowers, and a bunch of these cool looking purple flowers.  The sister used to own a flower shop so I asked her what type of flower the purple ones were.  She looked at me and said sweetie, here we call those weeds.  So funny.  Bring on the weeds then cause those are pretty!

So whether you want to call them wildflowers or weeds, they sure make driving around a little easier on the eyes.

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