Tuesday, June 7, 2011

HooooooWeeeeeee It's Warm Out There

Yes, warm - I am avoiding speaking that detestable "H" word.  But good grief it is getting sticky.  Today and tomorrow are supposed to be the worst days of the week.  Good news?  Thursday through Sunday are supposed to be unseasonably cool.

This my friends I can handle.  I can handle a few ho . . . . ummm warm days as long as there is relief in sight.

Thank goodness there is a lake a stones throw from the house.  The kids have been enjoying it.  Us adults are still to wimpy to get in the chilly water but every day it is a little warmer so maybe this weekend we will suck it up and jump on in.

Reuben came over with his little cutie bug and we headed down to the lake.  She found the tiniest turtle we have all ever seen.  Of course, my favorite friend in the world was lying on the desk at home, so, apologies for no photos of it's super cute and awesomeness.  We headed down there last night with Reuben and his family again.  This time Mr. Nikon was invited but alas, no tiny little turtles.

Besides trips to the lake, this is another busy week.  Yesterday we pulled out Lillies.  I know, I know, it sounds horrible.  It was actually sad to pull them out, but they are taking over the place.  We have lillies EVERYWHERE.  A sister from the hall told me Sunday that she thinks they are day lillies. That translates to - after a long, long time of looking at just green grassy looking plants, we get one day. . . ONE DAY. . . of a flower and it's done.  Hmmm, not too sure I like that idea.  Anyway, yesterday half the flower bed in front of the front window got de-lillied and new flowers planted.  Mostly anyway, we got interrupted by a lake visit.

Today involves a whole bunch of gardens.  We have to get over to Reuben's to till one more time and plant the remaining plants.  Some of which I had marked so carefully and managed somehow to not be home when they were planted here, are now unmarked so, Reuben will have a little bit of a surprise garden.

Then we head to Aunt Carols to plant a few more things over there and weed what is already there.  Everything is coming up great.  I think this weekend they will mostly be up enough to tell what is a plant and what is not so we can weed a little better and then I will take pics for you all.

In the meantime, you can enjoy my little friends that visited me yesterday and were enjoying a cool drink of water as I watered all the plants and flowers.

Oh, I almost forgot.  This week is new recipe week here at the crazy house.  Saturday after service a sister from the hall gave me some Rhubarb.  I have been wanting to try it and she has a ton of plants.  After service she made us Rhubarb/Apple juice with some Agave Nectar - yum.  So we brought home a bag full to test out before we get some plants from her.  I made Rhubarb/Strawberry crisp.  Oh so super yummy!


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