Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Beauty and Fun of Fireflies

Picture from this blog 

Tonight we finally had the opportunity to catch fireflies.  I have been waiting patiently since we got here.  I remember doing this as a kid when we were here.  Then we moved to Tucson and I never saw another firefly until probably 6 years ago or more.

We headed down to Amado, Arizona to visit with some good friends and we were all sitting around outside by the fire and I saw something flashing in the shadows.  I was as giddy as the little kids to see them.

So tonight we went out with Z.'s little bug catcher and caught a bunch and watched them light up.  Totally not the same affect as when you catch them in jars.  So maybe this weekend we will have to round up some old glass jars and hunt again.  Of course we let them go so they can continue on their merry way.

And shock of shocks, I am posting a photo that is not mine.  But catching a photo of fireflies doing their thing requires much time and patience of which I am completely out of tonight.  Maybe this weekend.  Maybe.  In the mean time, in searching the wonders of the internet for a photo to use I found this blog.  She has a great link to an article on fireflies.

The kids and I have decided that we are going to join in the counting.  They probably agreed so readily because it means they get to stay up late since it doesn't get dark until 10 around here.

A. and her friend L. want to do a big shout out to all their friends in the big wide world so here it is:  SHOUT OUT!  :o)  They had lots of fun catching the lightning bugs until the mosquitos overwhelmed us and we gave up.

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