Saturday, June 4, 2011

Let's Go Way Back - Week 13

Photo taken by my Grandmother

Week 13 of 52
Location:  Not positive but may be Oklahoma somewheres
Subject:  My Dad and his younger brother.  Dad is on the right and that is Uncle Allen on the left

So I have been working on this project with my Grandma.  She knows she wants pictures of all her grandchildren and their families in this particular album that she received as a gift.  However, she changes her mind every week on how she wants them in there.  I am not complaining too loudly because it just gives me an excuse to sit with her and look at old photos and hear the story behind them.  I found this one last week. 

My scanner is not the best because this looks much better in person.  But aren't they just too cute?  This photo was taken probably around 1950.  I'm guessing that mostly on Dad.  He looks about five years old in this photo.

Love these old black and whites.  My Grandma has an album full of photos her mother took and there are some great shots in there.  I am going to steal that album one of these days and post some of those.  They are beautiful.

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