Monday, June 20, 2011

Pickin' Strawberries - Week 15

Zack and Little Lady C picking strawberries

Week 15 of 52

Location:  Mt. Pleasant, Mi
Subject:  Strawberry Picking

The strawberries are finally ready!  Last friday we took the kids to a place called Papa's Pumpkin Patch.  Turns out they have way more than pumpkins.  Kids had a lot of fun filling their buckets with yummy strawberries.  We talked to them the whole way there about making sure they only put the strawberries in their buckets and not in their mouths.  When we arrive and are receiving instructions and tips the guy tells all the kiddos:  "If you come back here without red stuff around your mouths I will send you back out."  I told him that may have been a mistake.  We might all come back with red stuff around our mouths but nothing in our buckets.

It was interesting to taste all the different varieties and see the different shapes of all the strawberries.  We also picked some asparagus while we were there and grilled them up that night.  Very yummy.  In a couple of weeks they will have rasperries ready so we are going to head back.  Lots of fun and now we are enjoying lots of strawberry shortcake and Cameron even whipped us up some strawberry margaritas!  YUMMM!!!

Little Lady C stopping to enjoy some daisies

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