Thursday, November 17, 2011

Felt Flower Frenzy

This weekend we tried a new craft.  We went over to a sisters house and we all tried out making felted flowers.  So. Much. Fun!  And, surprise, surprise, A. said she finally found a craft that she WANTS to do.  You do not even understand how much I hope this works out.  This girl NEEDS something to do in her spare time.  And we have tried many, many different crafts.  Drawing, quilling, jewelry making, sewing, pastels, etc., etc., etc.  Hopefully she loves this one.

We scoured the internet and found a plethera of tutorials.  We loved Mrs. Priss' tutorials the best and she is hilarious.  So without further ado, here are our flowers:

A's flowers:

Rachel's Flowers:

and mine:

Rach had this genious idea of creating a "pocket" in the back so you can use one clip with multiple flowers.  Genious!

There they are in all their glory.  Lots of fun to make.  And the pink and cream flower designs may be coming to a tutorial near you soon.


  1. I want to learn! Looks like fun! Will you come over and teach me? Please...pretty please...with cherries on top.

  2. Alright, if you insist! We are going to have a pretty full schedule by the time I get out there.