Thursday, November 24, 2011

Photo of the Week - Week 38 - Farm Fresh Eggs

Week 38 of 52

Location:  Mecosta, MI
Subject:  Farm Eggs

Just a sampling of the eggs we have been getting from the chickens.  They are delicious!  I will admit though that getting used to cracking the extra hard shell took some getting used to.  And then when you plop said cracked egg into the pan or a bowl and see a somewhat orange yolk instead of the bright yellow you are used to, well that took some getting used to also.  But always having plenty of fresh eggs on hand, nope, that is not hard to get used to at all.

Actually this fall it has been great to go to the freezer or the pantry and pull out something that was either grown here in our yard, Reuben and Aubrei's yard, or close-by our house has been pretty much awesome.  Awesome and delicious.  Want to sample some for yourself?  Well then, I guess you will just have to come and visit!!


  1. Love fresh eggs. Use to get them from our neighbor all the time back in the day. Her daughter was in 4H and they had tons of animals. Only drawback was that we had to care for all the animals, while they spent the summer in upstate New York. It was always hot and stinky to take care of their mini farm. :S

  2. Orange yolk is a good thing. The color of the yolk reveals what the hen has been eating. Only healthy, well-nourished hens store carotenoids in their yolks. Pale yolks could be a sign of sick hens, worm infestation, or poor feed. You have your very own free-range chicken eggs!
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