Saturday, November 19, 2011

Photo of the Week - Week 37 - For the Love of Horses

Week 37 of 52

Location:  Mecosta, MI
Subject:  For the Love of Horses

Before the fall colors disappeared we headed out on a fall color hunt with our cameras.  There is a little farm right outside of the little town of Mecosta that had some new little colts (wow - that is a lot of littles).  That was one of my first destinations.  There are so cute.  And of course are always closer and more photographable (is that a word?) when I do not have my camera with me.  And no it does not help to always have it with me because after they first arrived I carried my camera with me every time I left the house and they were never out.  I finally gave up and took the camera out of the truck and Whamo! there they are all close to the fence.  *sigh*  I guess it should just never come out of the truck.

And just because.  Coco was extremely happy that day because we let her ride along.  So she got her picture taken too.

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