Thursday, November 10, 2011

Product Photos and a New Model

Well, not new really.  I have known here for what 14 years - YIKES!

A couple of the new necklaces I made did not photograph well on their own.  And since I have seen suggestions that some like to see the "merchandise" modeled on a live human being, I asked A. to help me out today.

Please pardon the interruption for some random ramblings gushings, from an in awe Mom.  You see, I am not sure when this happened.  But it has been slowly happening for some time now.  I even mentioned this to Rachel the other day.  But somehow this gorgeous creature that came into my life a little over 14 years ago:

Has turned into this gorgeous creature today:

Not sure I like this at all.  Scratch that - I DON'T like it at all.  Why can't they just stay little?  Like for FOREVER!  Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled blog.

So here are the latest necklaces being modeled by A.  They have not been posted to my shop yet because I can't decide if these photos are what I want to use yet.

So there they are - what do you think?


  1. Use them, they are beautiful. Your jewelry and your model!!

  2. I still hear little A. saying, "Like a lady..." as she pranced down the isle at the kingdom Hall and now our little girl is a young lady! More tears...I can't believe one is able to shed so many! Love you guys and miss you more than words can express. P.S. I like the photos and agree with ladydazy, use them.

  3. Oh man, don't cry cause then I cry thinking of you crying. And of A. being little and not being little anymore. Miss you and hope to see you soon.