Monday, March 14, 2011

Lighthouse in Winter

Ludington Light (Ludington, MI on the shore of Lake Michigan)
The Hubby has been in Ludington all week doing the required education hours to obtain his builders license.  The rest of us joined him Saturday afternoon to spend the weekend with him.  It was VERY windy on Saturday and so, so cold.  Our first stop was out to see the lighthouse.  So beautiful.  It was such a grey day so it was very hard to get a good contrasting photo.  I did get some pretty good ones though.  This is not my favorite one but I love it just the same.  Can't wait to visit Ludington in better weather, it really was a very cool beachy town.

Interstate 10 takes you straight to the lighthouse, through an old historic downtown with lots of cool antique shops, consignments shops, cute little eateries, of course the typical beach wear shops, and some sporting goods shops for surfboards and such.  We quickly discovered that this is not the best place to visit in the wintertime for shopping.  We stopped at a very cute consignment shop called "Ceder Chest Consignment".  We chatted with the owner who was full of information and super nice.  We decided to hold off on any more shopping until Sunday.  This is where the bad part comes in - everything, and I do mean everything was closed on Sunday.  This is definitely their off season.

All in all a great weekend spent with people I love dearly.  So glad that I moved my family here.  Away from the pressures of the city.  Being here has already made certain things more overwhelmingly clear for every single member of this family.  And for that alone I am so very grateful to my wonderful hubby who finally agreed that we could move.  I love him more than anything!

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