Friday, March 25, 2011

Where oh Where is Spring? Week 3

Where oh Where is Spring?  Week 3 of 52

Location: Near Estes Park, Colorado
Subject:  Horse

So I am officially done with winter and thought I would be enjoying more springish weather.  But winter decided to have another hoorah and so here we are freezing our patooskies off and looking at snow.  AGAIN. Grrr.  So instead of going out and photographing more snow, I decided to post a photo with some actual green foliage in it.

This is from last May when we went to visit a friend up in Colorado.  She took us up the Rocky Mountains to a very cool little town called "Estes Park".  This was near a shop we stopped at on the way up.  Beautiful horses in a corral right off the highway.  My daughter and I were beyond excited.  Her and I both love horses.  These were extra cool because of their heart shaped brands.  Very appropriate we thought.

Enjoy our little friend and hopefully next week I will have something springish from our own area to share with you.

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